The Online Babysitter

It’s easy to have a kid sit in front of a computer in their room after a long day at work. Maybe the stress was too bad and you just don’t want to deal with anything else. You barely have the energy to make dinner, and you want to sit down and play your jewel game on the sofa. But you made dinner anyway and you yell up the stairs four times for your teenager to get off his game and come eat.

He comes downstairs, eats the food, and dishes are ready to be washed. A couple of hours later, you get back up off the couch and yell again and ask if your teenager did his homework or even took a shower. He lies and says yes, but comes downstairs for a shower.

Anti-Social, but Online-Social

Your kid comes home from school on a Friday afternoon and gives their hails to the weekend. It’s usual, but you already know that no other kids are coming over to hang out because his only friends are online playing the same game.

He comes downstairs after an hour and asks if you can order a pizza since it’s Friday and you got paid. You give in and say yes but you tell him he can call and order it. He argues and says no because he doesn’t like talking to people on the phone. You know he can, but he doesn’t want to because that would require social skills, which he has none of.

Who is My Kid Really Talking To?

We all know any person out there can be anyone they want to be on the internet, especially with online games. They meet people, join teams and guilds, and develop relationships with complete strangers based on how they play a game. It doesn’t matter who they are or what they do, they’re a friend now.

A group of young teenage boys has a racing game buddy, Mike. Mike is the fifty-year-old father of 4 children, has custody of one, and drinks every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday night while playing the game with your kid. But you don’t know because you’re downstairs on the sofa playing your jewel game. So one night, your kid wants to meet up with the team in real life, including Mike. But he lies about that too.